Business and Technology Consulting

Specializing in custom application development for business process automation

What We Do

We work with our clients to first take a wholistic view of the current operation. We meet with key stakeholders and listen to understand the vision of the company and to identify pain points and time sinks that currently exist. We develop a plan to address these areas of concern keeping the vision of the company in mind. Each of these findings becomes a potential software development project. We present and review these findings with the client and organize these projects in what would provide the most immediate value now to those that will provide value in line with future goals

Typical projects range in size and complexity of course as each client is different and unique. Each project is self contained in scope. The client has a fully working end-to-end solution in place at the end of each engagement. In addition, we continue to support and maintain existing applications and propose ideas to our clients to continue to improve the software we create.

What Tools We Use

  • Cloud based platform build outs on AWS or Azure
  • Database design and implementation using SQL Server
  • Web services using Web API 2 and WCF
  • Web applications using ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Angular and a variety of other tools
  • Desktop applications using WPF and WinForms
  • Mobile applications using Xamarin or Cordova

Our Typical Clients

We have worked in a variety of verticals, but tend to specialize in working with construction companies of all sizes. We have built certified payroll systems, contract management systems, workflow systems, and many other small to large process improvements. In many cases we find that these clients have business operations that were put in place when the the company was starting out. As these clients grow, the focus is on getting and completing more work and not on improving the internal business processes. The systems in place tend to become more and more cumbersome. The end result of our engagements are much more streamlined business processes adapted to how the client wants the process to work.